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6 Pressing Worries for Occupational Health Professionals in 2013 Occupational Health Issues

An image of an advert torn from a newspaper asking for older workers to apply

Worries for Occupational Health Professionals in 2013 Whether working for yourself or as part of a bigger company Occupational Health professionals should keep an eye on the horizon and be aware of how business is evolving and changing.  The world of work and priorities are changing but still there is the pressure of the bottom line

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Employee Guide to Occupational Health Work Health

Health Checks

Employee Guide to Occupational Health I have had many questions about why an employer would ask one of his workers to go and see Occupational Health or talk to one of the Doctors or Nurses about their attendance levels.  Employers don’t help by not explaining the role of Occupational Health or using the appointment by

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What are Occupational Health Services? Video Occupational Health Issues

Making the Workplace Better

All about Occupational Health Services in 3 minutes! See also other useful tools from working-well-solutions.com Health supervision policy to use as template  Policies and procedures to use/adapt SEQOHS the UK Occupational Health Accreditation Scheme Or if you like this Occupational Health Services video why not subscribe to my YouTube video channel