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5 Steps for the Perfect Management Referral Manager Guide

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If you’ve invested in an occupational health service, you need to use it correctly, or you could be adding to your problems, rather than solving them, especially when using the management referral service. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen ANYONE write about these 5 specific steps about manager referrals in detail… yet they hold the

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Manager Guide: Phased Return to Work Manager Guide

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Introduction The many years I have worked in occupational health often led me to work with Managers who hated the idea of a phased return to work or rehabilitation programme.  For example, home care managers in social services, without exception, always told me to get workers back to work fully fit or not at all. 

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Manager Guide – Requesting a Management Referral  Manager Guide

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What is a Management Referral? If managers have concerns about the health of an individual related to their job then a specialist health adviser may be needed to give your business some work advice; the most common type of assessment will be from an occupational health service. The individuals’ GP, whilst understanding the health issues

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Top 10 – How to improve attendance at work Manager Guide

Top 10 Tips to Improve Attendance at Work Absence from work isn’t just about poor health but linked to your company culture, domestic issues, a workers beliefs or general lethargy. Here are my top tips to improve attendance at work Measure attendance levels in each department and publish internally – there is nothing like a

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Self Certification – Manager Guide Manager Guide

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What is Self Certification? Employees who are off sick for more than seven days in the UK usually need to provide evidence of illness by getting a ‘fit note’ from their doctor. ‘Fit note’ is the informal name for the ‘Statement of Fitness for Work’ and replaced the ‘sick note’ in April 2010. Employees who

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7 Deadly Sins of Stress at Work Resilience,Wellbeing

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Research from IKEA (2014) shows that the average Brit experiences 14 occurrences of stress every day; with almost 2000 reporting they get their first flash of stress even before getting out of bed. Work stressors included heavy workloads, computer malfunction and a lack of time, adding to an already stressful day.  A staggering 22% said

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