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Top 10 – How to improve attendance at work Manager Guide

Top 10 Tips to Improve Attendance at Work Absence from work isn’t just about poor health but linked to your company culture, domestic issues, a workers beliefs or general lethargy. Here are my top tips to improve attendance at work Measure attendance levels in each department and publish internally – there is nothing like a

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Setting Targets for Absence – yes or no Work Health

Image of lots of cartoon men with one missing and it has a label in the missing space saying absent

Larger businesses tend to use systems for absence monitoring and setting targets for attendance so that rules are applied equally across a large workforce. One such tool is the Bradford Factor see my earlier article on when and how  this is used.   When dealing with attendance management systems and what works best, in my capacity as

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Using the Bradford Index to Manage Absence Absence

A row of black figures set against a brown background in a row with one missing in teh middle, to depict absence from work

Using the Bradford Index to Manage Absence The Bradford Index is used by employers to count costs for absence as there is now more than ever a tremendous pressure to manage all costs.  There are various ways to do this and using the Bradford Index allows organisations to measure the impact and control absence by means of a formula that can be applied to

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Attendance Management Absence

Setting Absence Targets

Attendance targets for Absence Management Research by XpertHR, looking into techniques for absence management, polled 237 employers and found that just 44% of organisations set collective targets for absence levels – yet eight organisations out of 10 also believe having them in place had been successful in dealing with absence management. Public-sector organisations were the most likely to

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